Мотоцикл Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 2007: разбираем подробно

Power and torque

Hmm, shall we just say it’s a game of two halves? If you like a screaming motor, the Ninja makes an impressive 125bhp with 48.7lb-ft of torque. But, and this is quite a big but, these figures appear at a dizzying 14,000rpm and 11,700rpm respectively and that tells you all you need to know. When on song the Ninja is a rapid bike and if the rev counter is in the double digits it can make very speedy progress, however that kind of riding is generally only reserved for race tracks and on the road it is annoyingly gutless in its mid-range. Flat, lethargic and in desperate need of more grunt (in 2009 it was updated with more drive before returning to 636cc again in 2013…) the Ninja isn’t great at low speed and feels very lacking in stomp, even when compared to rival supersport bikes of the day. Kawasaki aimed this bike at track fans and that’s where it really comes alive, not on the road.

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vте«Предыдущая -хронология мотоциклов Kawasaki , 1990 – настоящее время
Год Тип1990-е2000-е2010-е
Голый / Приключенческий туризмW175
Версис-Х 250
Версис-Х 300
KLE500Versys 650
Versys 1000
Z125 PRO
ER-5Ниндзя 650 / ЭР-6ф / ЭР-6нНиндзя 650 / Z650
ZR750 ЗефирЗР-7Z750Z800Z900
Зефир 400/550/1100Z1000
Двойной спортKL250 Супер шерпа
СпортНиндзя 125
Ниндзя 250SL
Ниндзя 250R
Ниндзя 400Ниндзя 300Ниндзя 400
Ниндзя ZX-2R / Ниндзя ZXR250
EX500 / GPZ500 / Ninja 500
ZX600C-E / Ниндзя ZX-6ZX600F-J / Ниндзя ZX-6R
Ниндзя ZX750F
ZXR750 / ниндзя ZX-7R
GPZ900RНиндзя 1000
ZX900 / ниндзя ZX-9RНиндзя ZX-10R
Ниндзя H2 / H2R
ZX-10 TomcatНиндзя ZX-12R
Спортивный туризмZZR600
GPZ1100 / ZX1100E
ZZR1100C / ниндзя ZX-11CZZR1100D / ниндзя ZX-11DZZR1200 / ZX-12CZZR1400 / ниндзя ZX-14
Ниндзя H2 SX
ТуризмGTR1000 / Concours1400GTR / Конкурс 14
КрейсерEL250EL125 / Элиминатор
454 ОООВулкан VN500C
Вулкан EN500A
Вулкан S
Vulcan VN750
Vulcan VN800A / Vulcan Classic VN800B
Vulcan VN900 Classic / VN900B
Vulcan +800 / +1500 Drifter
Вулкан VN1500
Вулкан VN1600Вулкан VN1700
Вулкан VN2000
MotoGPНиндзя ZX-RR

Engine, gearbox and exhaust

The engine is all-new in the 2007/08 Ninja and was actually the first ground-up new motor for the ZX-6R since 1997. Shorter and more compact overall than previous engines, Kawasaki went to town to give it lighter and lower-friction internal components to help it rev faster and make more power. Often this may result in an engine that is weak or tends to burn oil but Kawasaki is a company that really know motors and the ZX-6R’s lump is pretty solid when used as a road bike. Track hacks are a different matter but we are talking about road bikes here… There are very, very few complaints from owners about the reliability of the inline four and as long as it is serviced regularly (every 4000 miles is recommended) all should be well. The valve-clearances need checking at 15,000 miles (the service intervals are based on kms, generally this is done at 16,000 miles) which is quite a common figure for used bikes to be showing so check it has been completed as the high-revving Ninja does often require a shim or two (generally exhaust) and if left unchecked this can cause issues with the valves. The gearbox is solid but as on any 2000s bike, watch out for aftermarket quickshifters as they can damage a gearbox when used on the road. The Ninja has a slipper clutch as standard, which owners really rate, and the quality of the exhaust headers is also very high, meaning corrosion or leaks are rare. When buying used your main worry surrounding the engine is sensors such as the Throttle Position Sensor going down or the radiator becoming corroded and rotting to the point it leaks. If the bike starts up nicely, ticks over smoothy (a faulty TPS often makes it lumpy at low speed) and there are no signs of excessive corrosion all should be well. Lots of used bikes have aftermarket exhausts fitted, just remember that not everyone (policemen!!!) likes the scream of an inline four and if you are planning on taking it to any trackdays noise limits are very strict nowadays. The exhaust valve is located just before the underseat end-can on the bike’s right-hand side under the tail, if the bike has its original exhaust fitted, check this is opening and shutting smoothly and isn’t seized.

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