Скутер MINI Cityserfer – дорогой минимализм


BY Lucy England ON 20 November 2014

MINI has come up with an innovative concept for urban mobility. The MINI Citysurfer Concept
combines the agility of a scooter with an electric drive and some slick design features

It is a versatile compact concept which folds up and is light to carry, weighing in at 18 kilograms (40 lbs). The MINI Citysurfer Concept’s portability makes it great both for use on its own and in combination with other forms of transport. It is easy to transport, for example in the boot of a car or on buses and trains. It doesn’t take up much space on the road either. You can ride it on the pavement in some places too which gives it even more versatility and makes it ideal for covering the distance between car park, rail or bus station and final destination.

Thumbs Up!

It features auxiliary electric drive with thumb-operated accelerator and a gearless hub motor in the rear wheel; The electric motor power permits a top speed of 25 km/h (15 mph). The electric drive of the MINI Citysurfer Concept is not activated until a minimum speed is reached from the rider’s own physical thrust. The motor is deactivated with the brake lever.

The Power supply comes from, a lithium-ion battery permanently installed in the frame. It charges while stationary via a 12-volt automobile socket or a household socket and while in motion by means of brake energy regeneration when the brake is activated. It has a battery management system with integrated power electronics and an electric range of 15 to 25 kilometres (10 – 15 miles).  And if you do run out of charge no need to worry as you can scoot the MINI Citysurfer independently of its auxiliary electric drive using physical strength and without rolling resistance from the motor.

Wheel deal

The MINI Citysurfer Concept has large wheels with pneumatic tyres which enable it to cope well with bumpy paths and uneven ground. It has a low foot board, stable frame and height-adjustable handlebars as well as three brake systems which operate independently of each other.  The recuperation brake works via an electric drive generator function, and there are hydraulic disc brakes on the front and rear wheels.  The Citysurfer is an agile easy handling bike with great visibility to other road users due to the rider’s upright riding position. The bike folds up for easy storage and has a safety function for correct engagement when unfolding.

It has some extra useful features like a mobile phone holder and charge facility on the handle bars and use of Last Mile Navigation if required in conjunction with the MINI Connected XL Journey Mate.

The Mini Citysurfer concept has got most aspects of individual urban mobility covered: commuting to work and school, sight-seeing and shopping, and holiday use alongside a motor home, camping or boat holidays.

Posted by Lucy England
for Wemoto News on 20 November 2014 in General News


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